Saturday, October 21, 2017

Oct. 21

Saturday!  Weekend!  Weather was unseasonably warm here (74 degrees) but it's been so windy.  We should have mowed the lawn today because it really needs it and who knows how many good days we'll have left to get it done?  But no, because hubby was busy working on the barn with his friend, and I *thought* I'd get a bunch of Achy Joints stuff done today.  Well, and that wind would have made miserable mowing.

Anyhoo . . .

Casey was here most of the day.  First he brought his kitty Cinnamon over just so we could see if all the kitties would get along.  Nope.  It wasn't as dramatic as the first time we'd tried, but it was still tense enough that Casey took his Cinnamon right back home, then came back over here to do laundry like he'd originally intended.

Most of the siding is up on the barn now, from what hubby tells me.  I haven't actually gone and looked at it for many days now.  I need to go get some new progress pics taken!  Because of the windy conditions they've started working inside the barn again, continuing on getting the interior walls finished.

*Hopefully* tomorrow I can get some card stuff done before football starts.  So many things I want to do clogging my brain, and when I attempt to go do something I kinda just draw a blank, like I'm overwhelmed by the options.  Like, I want to get some Thanksgiving cards made but I don't have much Thanksgiving themed things to work with and my mind is on the millions of Christmas things I *do* have to work with.  Maybe I should just jump into the Christmas stuff and skip Thanksgiving this time around?!  Gah, we'll see.

Tonight's pic is from 2009 and features more creatively carved pumpkins.  I think the two witches on the right were both mine.  The other two were hubby's.  The boys weren't into it at all.  Silly party poopers.

Is trick or treating actually ON Halloween in your town?

Book Review - Demonglass (Hex Hall, Book Two)

Demonglass (Hex Hall, Book Two)
by Rachel Hawkins
359 pages

'Sophie Mercer thought she was a witch, which was why she was sent to Hex Hall, a reform school for delinquent Prodigium (aka witches, shapeshifters, and fairies). But that was before she discovered she's a demon, and her hot crush, Archer Cross, is an agent for The Eye, a group bent on wiping her kind off the face of the earth. What's worse, Sophie has powers that threaten the lives of everyone she loves. Which is why she decides to go to London for the Removal, a risky procedure that will either destroy her powers forever-or kill her. But once Sophie arrives, she makes a shocking discovery: someone is raising new demons in secret and planning to use their powers to destroy the world. Meanwhile, The Eye is set on hunting Sophie down, and they're using Acher to do it. But it's not like she has feelings for him anymore. Does she?'


I enjoyed the first book in this trilogy and the events at the very end of it had me super anxious to dive into this second book.  I'm happy to report I enjoyed this one too.  I'm starting to see some of the annoying writing quirks that the author overloaded her paladin trilogy books with, but since this trilogy came out well before that hopefully those annoyances remain minimal through to the end.

This book introduces the obligatory love triangle that all YA books seem to have.  Sophie had already fallen in love with bad boy Archer in the previous book, only to find out he's secretly part of the bad guys.  Now we find there is a connection between Sophie and Cal, the quiet healer from the first book.  Of course the draw of the bad boy is always stronger than the sensible good boy, and of course theirs is a forbidden love because she's a demon and he's a demon hunter.  BUT . . . it's not nearly as corny as it sounds, and it's not even the bulk of the story.

Sophie had wanted to go to London to have the dangerous Removal procedure done because she hates the news that she's a demon, and fears she'll go crazy like her demon ancestors and hurt people she loves.  This book starts with Sophie finally meeting her father, who works for the Council, which is based in London.  No one wants her to risk the Removal procedure (which would strip her of her powers) and she eventually agrees to delay it and spend the summer with her father in England.  There have been reported sightings of Archer in London, but that's not why she's agreed to go there.  At least she doesn't think that's why.  She's struggling with her emotions about him, like was their budding romance real or just an act on his part.  She's distracted from all that though when she realizes there are two more demon teens at the place she's staying with her father.  How and why?  She'd been told she and her father were the only two demons left.

This story does get a little more complicated than others I've read from this author.  It bordered on being too busy, which would have really been a bummer.  I hate overly complicated storylines!  The first book showed us that there are two groups out to eliminate the witches and other magic users: The Eye, and the Brannicks, an Irish group.  The second book implies that the two groups have now banded together to fight a coming war against magic users.  But who is raising demons, and why?  Some say The Eye is doing it to have a weapon against their enemies.  If they're anti-magic though, why and how would they be involved in it??  Some say the Council is doing it, for the same reason, to have a stronger weapon for the coming war.  And then Archer shows up and reveals some information to Sophie that seems to cancel out both versions.  What the heck is going on then?!  This second book ends with the chaos and confusion of what they've discovered, and Sophie making a desperate escape, knowing everyone she's leaving behind could very well die.

I've said it before that this author is great at writing relationships.  This relationship between Sophie and Archer is no exception.  Even the lesser relationship between Sophie and Cal is heartwarming.  But she and Archer really have their moment in this book, and it brought tears to my eyes.  They're still nowhere near as hot a couple as Bella and Edward, or even Violet and Phoenix (Embrace series), but they make a run for that title in this one.  And of course they're ripped apart as the battle lines are drawn and the chaos ensues.  I'm pretty sure we'll have the overcoming-all-odds cliche reunion in the third book, but I'm okay with that.  At least for now.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Oct. 20

The very boring project is over!  I'm disappointed though, because the production manager who seemed so concerned about getting this done *never* checked in with me all week.  Even today, the last day of it, I walked right past her at 3pm and she never said a word to me.  It all just kinda brings those doubtful thoughts more to the forefront of my brain, like 'What was this really all about?'  But oh well, I did exactly what she'd asked, and I even made it through seven straight days of work.  And THAT is something I have not done in a loooooooong time.

Now I'm off for a whole week!
I'm super excited to work on some crafty stuff, both making things and getting the Etsy shop going.  I've been thinking about things like that pretty much all day today.  I even got in the craft room this evening and got one card made.  I also ordered from Newton's Nook today because it was their winter release day and some of the things were too cool to pass up.  I also got a few older things and a fall thing or two.  Newton's Nook is the stamp company that features the cat that I like to use.  Since I found out they are a Wisconsin company I like them even more.  I've never ordered directly from their site before.  Hopefully shipping is quick.  A haul post will be coming soon!

I heard a thing on the radio this morning about the healthiest Halloween candy choices, as well as the most unhealthy.  Candy corn is the worst.  What surprised me is that Smarties is on the healthy list?!  Aren't those little sugar bombs too???  I love Smarties.  I was addicted to them this summer but it tapered off.  I'll have to get some more now that I know how healthy they are.  lol

As I was looking through the Halloween pics I've been posting, I came to the realization that I think the ones posted as 1998 and 1999 are actually the same year.  I think I took two pics of them because Casey had his regular costume, but also had the handmade devil one from his grandma.  Not such a big deal here on the blog but in my actual photo albums it's going to bother me to no end now.

Tonight's throwback pic is from 2008 and features the first time we ever used those little pumpkin carving kits.  You know, the ones with those little flimsy looking knives that you'd think could never do anything?  We were absolutely amazed by how well they work, and how much detail you can do!  I hope we're in the mood to carve some this year.  We always have good intentions at the start of October but by the time Halloween rolls around, lately we've been like 'Bleah, forget it.'

Well, it's too early for bed and if I go read I'll fall asleep, so I need to find something else to do for a while.  Perhaps some Wizard101 . . . 

Do you like Smarties?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Oct. 19

Only one. more. day. of this boring project at work.  It's been easy work but oh my gosh, sooo boring!  I'm very much looking forward to having next week off.

As I was driving home today I realized the area that I live is actually exploding in fall color right now.  I thought we were past it, that it had been a very bland year.  But nope, the trees that haven't already dropped their leaves in our up and down weather are just now showing their beautiful colors.  The cornfields are wonderful fall tan colored.  One place on my route home has two trees with bright red leaves in the yard and pumpkins growing seemingly wild along a hill on the edge of their property.  It's all so gorgeous!!!!

Hubby and I had some discussion about the whole Achy Joints thing this evening.  Work is definitely slowing down out there in/on the shop.  I asked if they're already losing interest, and he assured me that no, they're not.  There are still so many things to work out and decide, and it's overwhelming for both of us at the moment.  But, even so, I'm 99% sure now that I'm going to open an Etsy shop for my cards.  I need to figure out a better photo setup first before I dive back into shop ownership.

My Halloween II dvd arrived today but we didn't watch it.  We were busy discussing things and now the football game is on.

Tonight's pic is from 2007, when we had some fun decorating.  There are four wooden, painted yard signs in this display.  Hubby cut the shapes and I painted them.  This is one of the things we want to be making again when Achy Joints gets going.  The two white tombstones were nods to our main characters in UO at that time.  Hubby's was Hagar, who was a bard, and mine was (and still is) ChiChi, a mage.  I so soooo miss those days of us playing endless hours of UO.  Getting way off track now though . . . 

Okies, off to read my new book!  I finished the second book of Hex Hall last night and started the third one today at work.  Look for a book review soon!

Do you decorate outside for Halloween?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Oct. 18

I've made it to hump day of this week long project at work.  It continues to be ridiculously boring but today was better overall.  Yesterday and today I was with the other 12 hour crew, people that I don't normally work with.  It was enlightening to see how they do things.  I'm kinda dreading tomorrow because my regular crew will be working and they are a bunch of whiners and drama queens.

Casey was supposed to be here today when I got home so I could help him do the open enrollment for insurance from work.  He never showed up though.  He'll get a spanking next time I see him.  Ha!  So I spent some time online looking at crafty things and getting inspired.  One of my favorite stamp and die companies is having their winter release on Friday and there are some reeeeeally cute things I'm pretty sure I need.  Or maybe just want.  One bad thing about looking at all these Christmas things is that I've totally lost the Halloween vibe.

I'll try to keep going on Blogtober though.

Tonight's pic is from 2003.  Casey was a Grim Reaper and Ty was a demon or ghoul of some sort.  I'm pretty darn sure *this* is the last time they went trick or treating, and I think the only reason they went this time was because a good friend of ours at the time wanted company while taking her daughter trick or treating for the first time.  Halloween pics get scarce now in my photo albums.  The boys were done with costumes and we weren't really doing much for it anymore.

I'm thisclose to finishing that book I'm reading, so I'm outta here.  I couldn't finish at work today because there was a dramatic part that had me fighting off tears.  LOL
So yeah, I will finish that bugger tonight!

What's your favorite candy at Halloween?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Oct. 17

I've lost one blog follower.  It always makes me wonder who it was and why they left.  I tend to take it way more personally than I probably should too.  Sorry I've bored you into leaving, whoever you were!

I'm starting to doubt those earlier exciting hints and thoughts about a possible new job at work.  Today was the second day of this project I'm doing and not only is it way more boring and annoying than I'd thought, but the boss I'm doing it for has never checked in with me to see how it's going or what sort of info I've gathered.  I'm trying to be like 'Maybe she's just busy,' and 'It's only the second day,' but still.

I'm still trying to decide if I want to dive back into an Etsy shop for my cards or if I should give the Facebook group/page more of a chance.  I don't know how to get it going though?!  I don't know how to draw people in, or spread the word.  I do not want them linked to this blog so how do I spread the word?  I'm just not social media savvy.

We haven't watched any spooky movies in many days now.  Wow, just realized I haven't even taken my Halloween decor pics yet!

Tonight's throwback Halloween pic is from 1999.  Ty is some sort of ninja again, and Casey is a devil again but this time his costume was handmade for him by my mother-in-law.  I wonder whatever happened to that one?  I wonder if I have it tucked away with things I saved from their childhood years?  Hmmm.

Alright, as usual, I'm outta here to read now.

Do you get trick or treaters where you live?

Monday, October 16, 2017

Oct. 16

First day of my project done and wow, it was actually kind of a miserable day.  It was hot in the room I was working in, my body was achy from the weekend shifts, people couldn't understand that I was not doing my regular job, and the machine decided to run great.  I mean, yeah, you want the machine to run great, right?  But not when you're doing a downtime study.  LOL  Because there was nothing happening to study and document, it just made for a really long day and made all the other things that much more uncomfortable.  Oh well, here's to a better day tomorrow!

Even though I got done at 3pm and had great intentions, I didn't do much of anything once I got home.  I was just feeling so achy and blah, and decided to just try and relax.  Hopefully tomorrow does indeed go better because I'm feeling a creative urge returning and would like to try and get some Thanksgiving cards made.

Tonight's throwback Halloween pic is from 1998.  Both boys were ninjas of some sort.  I don't know if Power Rangers just weren't cool anymore by this point or if these were just cheaper costumes or what.  And Casey does not have a makeup face for once!

I'm off to read now.  I'm almost done with the second book in the Hex Hall series.

Is there a costume you regret dressing up in?
Tell me allllll about it!